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Latest Reviews
Kyndryd 2 hours ago

the worst make-up? MacKenzie's.

janosikmulti 5 hours ago

polferis 8 hours ago

Guys, put the links in correct place.

Cal 13 hours ago

RadiationBoy can you stop talking!! I'm so sick of all your bullshit. Like seriously you are a twelvie behind a keyboard, grow up or fuck off. Everyone is sick of you.

KiLLr0y65 14 hours ago

radi boi try very hard not to tard. you consistently reply to the rong post. make fanatical claims. this is a child troll. feed dicks

Iwatchtv 14 hours ago

Hey, you mentioned you are a movie maker RadiationBoy. Where can we see your movies?

polferis 19 hours ago
RadiationBoy a day ago

Luckily your completely wrong as the first season was fantastic. a brief comment from a movie maker……Radi

MadManMorgan15 a day ago

The best marvel-Netflix series to have been created in my opinion, the actor who portrays the superhero 'Jessica Jones' does so perfectly, ensuring that the viewer can understand that she is no where near the the typical description of a superhero! And then there's the villain of Killgrave, or The Purple Man, who David Tennant plays brilliantly! His portrayal of Killgrave managed to make him my favorite villain to have appeared in a marvel property, as he was chilling, cold and damn right awesome! An absolute must watch for any marvel fan and one of my all time favorites, cannot wait for season 2!

MadManMorgan15 a day ago

Wow, I have to say that I went into this series with high hopes... What came after I had finished the first season was complete and utter disappointment, and if my rating was to be solely based on that disappointing first season, then there would be a single star there, luckily I found the second season to be more enjoyable, earning it the three stars that I have given it. I can only hope that the third season will greatly improve this show, as otherwise I don't know how much more I'll be able to put myself through. I much prefer him in the defenders, however this is not a review of that, and therefore will not be affecting my feeling towards Daredevil. However it appears that this is a very unpopular opinion as many people have a love for the show, so I would not personally recommend it, however I suppose that watching it could at the very least be beneficial if you plan to watch the defenders.

MadManMorgan15 a day ago

Gripping, confusing and exhilarating are three of the words that I would use to describe this absolutely crazy show. The mystery of 11, the upside-down, will, and the demigorgon is one that cannot be easily figured out and the second and third season that have already been renewed will only make this series stronger. Unfortunately there isn't much else that I can say about the show, however this is because I don't want to ruin the experience for anyone who is about to start, or is thinking about starting this fantastic series.

MadManMorgan15 a day ago

In one word; brilliant! Truly felt as if I was once again reading the books that kept me so hooked, and whilst I'm not happy about having to wait until next February for the second third, and then having to wait another year for the final third, however I will survive. All of the actors are absolutely great in each of their respective roles and do honor to the amazing series of books. A definite recommendation and a must watch for anyone who has even the tiniest wonder about whether they should watch it!

MadManMorgan15 a day ago

Bojack the goddamn Horseman, this show isn't anything particularly special if I am to be completely honest, and think that its kinda surreal that it is renewed for a forth season, whereas the likes of shows much greater than it fell victim to there respective companies and were canceled! Now despite me saying this, I do think that Bojack Horseman is a good show, and that it actually even has a few funny episodes, however these are really more ruled down to funny moments. I think that a forth season could look to delve further into the comedy and less into the drama, although I do understand that the show is under the main premise of drama, how serious can a show about a rundown, alcoholic horseman really be? I wouldn't typically recommend this to anyone straight away, and would sooner recommend a multitude of much greater animated, comedy, or drama shows, however I suppose that if push came to shove and they wanted something that fell into this shows very specific description, then I suppose anything is possible. If by chance you're reading this in hopes of a deciding vote as to whether you should watch this show or not, then I would personally say that yes you should, as I do like the show, however, treat yourself and go watch Futurama if you want a better comedy animation, and if you want one of a animated drama, then go watch Death Note! But for a combination of the three, I suppose this would suffice.

MadManMorgan15 a day ago

SO, this show is very good, and I have to say that I found it to be incredibly interesting and all around very gripping, as I watched the show in a very binge-like fashion. Now I have seen reviews from people who claimed that the show is too 'real', to this I say bull! Whilst I can see where they may possibly be coming from, I have to say that I think that it being so real is what makes it so great, in the sense that it can show the very serious point behind the series; what people say and do matters. Without this very real feeling, I do not think that the show would have become as successful, and also believe that its message would not be shown nearly as much. All in all though it is seriously a great show, and one that I would recommend to anyone interested in watching it!

polferis a day ago

Guys, should add this links to the episode 141 not for 142.

Locke a day ago

such a pity this show was cancelled.

polferis a day ago

@janosik2 , what the fuck are you doing here in section of comments?

janosik2 a day ago

Haiducul a day ago

This is not midnight,its an episode from game of thrones :(

silentsushix3 a day ago

Every single episode so far is wrong... wth uploaders... greed at it's finest.

PonderStibbons 2 days ago

Does anyone have any copies of this episode that are on openload or thevideo, and are not also Sketechers rather than Preacher?

Wittenfan 2 days ago

The flashback scenes with David Bowie in season 3 are bittersweet. But such a Bowie-esque way for Jeffries to actually appear in ep. 15! Also ep. 15 had me in tears from 41-47 & 1/2 minutes. Any other Twin Peaks fan will feel it when they see it too! But, beautifully done.

TeamCohutta1 2 days ago

The openload links for Game of Thrones 706 are working, but AGAIN some posters today keep on spamming EDITED versions--anything shorter than a total of 1h9m. THANKS cutiepie, plagijator, neuronyc, mimitosha, kirimi20 (and probably some I've missed) for caring enough to post the full episodes--unlike WatchOpenload, janosik, Tonia1, georgepavel, and others. You go on my trusted list; the crap-spammers know where they can go.

Bachix 2 days ago

The stupid and messed up kid just went 4 times more stupid and messed up. xD

This comment includes spoiler!!
Show me anyway
RadiationBoy 2 days ago

Thats what you get when you put a family name american actor, with a British comedian. Is it that good, i'm up to 100 plus shows i'm watching and new seasons of some of the best have started. You really give it a 10/10…..thats like women, they rarely exist but in airbrushed magazine photos……but if you tell me to watch it, i will. But i'll only listen to your word. No one else's ! Radi

SLMorris06 2 days ago

None of the links are working

RebelResurrected 2 days ago

Forget everything you know about the movie and watch this show! Great characters, acting and story. It has it all, humor, heart, suspense and let's not forget about the violence. I love it! 10/10

polferis 2 days ago

Guys, put this links on episode 20, it is the episode with day 19.

TeamCohutta1 2 days ago

Game of Thrones 706--Be aware that there are defective versions. From the HBO logo to the eye opening is 108:40 in the later posts (of total length 109.59, 111:28, 112:22); for the leaks and others whose total length is 106:01 and 107:07 (the FLEET), the same logo to eye is only 105:55--almost three minutes shorter! Does anyone know whether time compression or actual cutting is involved? THANK YOU to the later poster for the correct version.

loso20p 3 days ago
kimyishin 3 days ago
DasEngel 3 days ago

TwinPeaks s03 episode 15 links:

TeamCohutta1 3 days ago

TEEN WOLF heads up! Back-to-back Episodes 614 & 615 will air tonight, with next week skipped. Extra-long and double episodes sometimes mess up posters' links , so double check.

Candygirl79xx 3 days ago

A great series a must watch its more about family than mma .

Candygirl79xx 3 days ago

Love all this chicago series but this one is my favourite

Candygirl79xx 3 days ago

Amazing series a must watch.

RadiationBoy 3 days ago

You Dirty DIRTY big Kyndryd!!!!! But only cos you beat me to saying it…..bubbles, her smile is bubbles……Have you noticed in the fourth season she's just started wearing cleavage showing clothing????? WOOF WOOF

Kyndryd 3 days ago

a bubble bath with Alison...... yes, please.

Schrunsekris 3 days ago

Yaaaaiiii! Bobo is back :)

This comment includes spoiler!!
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A3R 4 days ago

Someone get Maggie!! I gotta see what's next!

AndroMeda 4 days ago

it got a slow start like all marvel tv shows does,but its amazing and its setting up for the new punisher and iron fist season 2.

RadiationBoy 4 days ago

No criticism, but i'd die if i had watched them all at one, dilutes the plot and characters and leaves nothing for you when its all over. I couldn't handle that. Its NOT a movie or meant to be…….Radi

RadiationBoy 4 days ago

If anyone watched them strait through without pacing the action, you'll be waiting a year to see the next one. The Sheriff has spoken Radi

Bachix 4 days ago

A surprise twist? So they do know how to write. Color me surprised

MadManMorgan15 5 days ago

Absolutely fantastic, hooked throughout the entire series and made it through the entire thing just today. I don't know why people simply think it's 'okay' cause I think its amazing!

Bachix 5 days ago

Subs for the different languages would've been helpful. I don't really speak Japanese, Chinese, Russian etc.

RadiationBoy 5 days ago


Rate :
Genres: Adventure Drama Action Fantasy Animation
Year : 2009
Episode Runtime: 25
First Aired: April 4, 2009
Status : Ended

Watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Online

Edward and Alphonse Elric's reckless disregard for alchemy's fun­damental laws ripped half of Ed's limbs from his body and left Al's soul clinging to a cold suit of armor. To restore what was lost, the brothers scour a war-torn land for the Philosopher's Sto­ne, a fabled relic which grants the ability to perform alchemy in impossible ways. The Elrics are not alone in their search; the corrupt State Military is also eager to harness the artifact's power. So too are the strange Homunculi and their shadowy creator. The mythical gem lures exotic alchemists from distant kingdoms, scarring some deeply enough to inspire murder. As the Elrics find their course altered by these enemies and allies, their purpose remains unchanged – and their bond unbreakable.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episodes

All Episodes
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Episode Name
Air Date
Includes Spoiler!
Romi Paku as Edward Elric
Rie Kugimiya as Alphonse Elric
Shinichiro Miki as Roy Mustang
Megumi Takamoto as Winry Rockbell
Akemi Okamura as Paninya
Biichi Satou as Heymans Breda
Takashi Hikida as Zampano
Kazuya Nakai as Major Miles
Kinryuu Arimoto as Dr. Knox
Seiji Sasaki as Sig Curtis
Kazuki Yao as Yoki
Chika Fujimura as Sheska
Yuji Ueda as Jean Havoc
Miyoko Asou as Pinako Rockbell
Yoshino Takamori as Trisha Elric
Hideyuki Umezu as Barry the Chopper
Nana Mizuki as Lan Fan
Kikuko Inoue as Lust
Tetsu Shiratori as Gluttony
Yuichi Nakamura as Greed
Fumihiko Tachiki as Sloth
Yuko Sanpei as Selim Bradley
Masayuki Omoro as Tim Marcoh
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Solf J. Kimblee
Kaori Nazuka as Maria Ross
Keiji Fujiwara as Maes Hughes
Shoko Tsuda as Izumi Curtis
Unshô Ishizuka as Van Hohenheim
Yôko Soumi as Olivier Mira Armstrong
Minami Takayama as Envy
Kenji Utsumi as Louis Armstrong
Mamoru Miyano as Ling Yao
Hidekatsu Shibata as King Bradley
Mai Goto as May Chang
Fumiko Orikasa as Riza Hawkeye
Iemasa Kayumi as Father
Kenta Miyake as Scar
Caitlin Glass as Winry Rockbell (English)
Travis Willingham as Roy Mustang (English)
Vic Mignogna as Edward Elric (English)
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